Matching Heads & Hearts

Over two decades of working with many companies and industries I found the easiest way to start, is to have a conversation. Working together successfully is not only about the match in experience to the problem, but also about a good match of people and values. I would love to get to know you and learn what your #1 challenge is that you need assistance with. Let's have a 30 minute intro call to get to know each other.

Why do I care?

I've seen too many good people in IT totally exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out. I was one of them. With changing times and fast innovation, there are also new skills as leaders and departments to be learned and added the toolbox. That is why I support those in the IT driver seat. At the end, it is not just about us. With new IT solutions, we shape the future of our world and thus the next generations. Let’s pave the path responsibly.

How my experience can support you...

Finding Clarity on the Path to Digital

The term Digital Transformation is used everywhere. It is a huge change that we cannot escape anymore.

With 2020 we just stepped into what experts call the Connected Decade and recent world events with COVID-19 made it even more pressing to innovate business models and thus IT offerings.

I support you as an IT Leader to find a roadmap tailored to your organizational capabilities and easy entry points to start the process.

I work with you 1:1, as well as your company's leadership team to stress the importance of a holistic approach to Digital Transformation. We jointly find a way forward that fits your companies needs, skills and changing business landscape.
Turning Information Overload into Structure

Juggling crises, operational improvements, team development, innovation, change requests and trends is just a small spectrum of what any IT leader needs to deal with daily.

There can only be so much done in a day. There is a constant feeling of being behind with the lingering knowing that something slipped through the cracks, and the pressing fact that the next crises with long work days is just around the corner.

In my role as advisor, I support you in the background and help you to prioritize, sort and synchronize information. Through weekly Zoom calls we define what you can delegate to me to work on and I help you to develop a structure with the tools already in your organization to maximize your time.

In short: I make you look good, am the voice of reason in your daily madness and help you to move from re-active to pro-active.
Making the Complex Simple to Speed Up Innovation

Being able to communicate the connection of people, data and systems through a comprehensive visual model helps mitigate risk, expedites decisions and uncovers weaknesses. 

In an onsite or remote workshop, I support you and your team to develop visual landscapes and bring transparency to the critical connections in your organization. I will educate and mentor you and the key players in your team after the initial workshop, on how to maximize the workshop output and how to use visual models as a key communication tool going forward.

Crack the complexity code with visual models, maximize your time by avoiding lengthy discussions with project stakeholders, find easier ways to make your point (without implementing yet another tool) and draw attention to the right areas.

Filling Critical Resource Gaps with Experience

Talent is hard to find these days, especially for key roles in the IT Organization. While you are filling open positions or hiring for an expanding Digital organization, I can step in as an interim manager to pickup loose ends, define structure and keep the wheels turning.

I will support you in the hiring process and make sure the position is filled with the right person. Once on board, I will support the new hire by handing over my work, phase out from operations and serve as a mentor in the background to make sure there is no momentum lost and strategic targets are kept.

Don't limit your organizations pace in innovation and growth by the bottleneck of qualified resources. Reach out to me today for availability and a custom tailored package that fits your current needs.


What my clients say...

“Barbara is a brilliant adviser. She has a deep knowledge of business process management and helped us to hone our product strategy and offering. With her innovative edge we were able to increase our license sales by 200%"

CTO, Software Startup
“Barbara is the Swiss army knife of consulting. She can handle project management roles as diverse as leading a complex ERP integration, or mapping financial processes, to developing a website customer journey that makes an emotional connection between our brand and our clients.”

CEO, Sporting Goods Company
"Barbara does not only bring IT skills, she also understands the business from a very practical side and has great people skills. She helped us navigate a challenging change process and helped to move our business on the road to digital."

CIO, Sporting Goods Company

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