Aligning Minds & Values

With over two decades of experience across diverse industries, I've discovered that the simplest way to begin is through a conversation. Successful collaboration extends beyond the alignment of experience—it's about connecting people and values. I'm eager to understand your #1 challenge and explore how I can assist. Reach out to schedule an intro conversation.

Why I care

I've witnessed too many dedicated individuals, like myself, aligning People & Technology, only to end up exhausted and burned out. In this era of rapid innovation, leaders and departments must acquire new skills to stay relevant. That's why I focus on supporting those in the project driver's seat. It's not just about us—it's about shaping the future with responsible use of digital solutions. Let's pave the path forward conscientiously.

How my experience can support you...


Project & Program Management:

With over two decades of hands-on experience in project management, including the successful rescue of numerous projects, I offer invaluable guidance as an external mentor to your Project Management Team. My approach goes beyond mere project implementation; I prioritize empowering your PMO team with enhanced skills and expertise throughout the process.

Smart Global Expansion:

Empowering German companies, I specialize in harmonizing their US subsidiaries with global IT norms while establishing robust global architecture and governance frameworks. From facilitating local stakeholder involvement in recruitment to bridging language barriers and aligning with localized requirements, I ensure seamless global alignment. Even for smaller organizations, I devise tailored solutions to ensure compliance with corporate standards.


Join the Digital Wisdom Collective:

Dive into my 20+ years of experience. Let's be real – project success isn't just about tech skills. It's about leadership and teamwork, plain and simple. That's why I've developed a training framework and 6-month training program for non-IT folds to become a Digital Wisdom Facilitator. Find more information here:

What my clients say...

“Barbara is a brilliant adviser. She has a deep knowledge of business process management and helped us to hone our product strategy and offering. With her innovative edge we were able to increase our license sales by 200%"

CTO, Software Startup
“Barbara is the Swiss army knife of consulting. She can handle project management roles as diverse as leading a complex ERP integration, or mapping financial processes, to developing a website customer journey that makes an emotional connection between our brand and our clients.”

CEO, Sporting Goods Company
"Barbara does not only bring IT skills, she also understands the business from a very practical side and has great people skills. She helped us navigate a challenging change process and helped to move our business on the road to digital."

CIO, Sporting Goods Company

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