Are you Thriving or Surviving?

The Role of IT and Tech Leaders is morphing into being a
driver of Transformation and Change.

With this shift comes the need to find an authentic voice beyond Technology.

The time is now to become an IT Maverick.


Let’s take a short break from upgrading systems, optimizing data and processes and
upgrade our own leadership system for a change.

Are you tired of being seen as the Technology Wiz 
only and ready to take on more responsibility within the organization ?

That is what the IT Maverick is all about: 
Discovering that there is so much more that makes you a good leader
for these times than just your Technology Know How.

Sprint 1 ~> Leadership Footing

During the 5-week group program with 4 participants you will:
  • Re-discover and strengthen your leadership values
  • find a red thread between important milestones in career and life and translate them to Maverick
  • Sharpen your inner circle and support network

Leadership Footing includes:
  • e-workbook
  • 3 – 1.5 hr small group sessions
  • 2 – inspirational e-mail prompts in the off weeks
Why a small group (max 4 participants)?
  • It provides a space to practice important traits
    • active listening
    • storytelling skills
    • presenting the essence
  • being part of a group achieves greater impact faster and offers new perspectives
  • It creates a safe space to explore dynamics amongst peers

What will you be able to take back to your daily work?
  • Awareness of your strength as Transformational Leader
  • More clarity in decisions, as your values will be the compass
  • Leverage your inner circle for support
And yes, like with any system maintenance and upgrade, there will be some prep going through the workbook and some downtime in your calendar to make space for group calls.

You might wonder, why to invest your time while there is so much more to tackle around you.

It is simple.
We update systems to add new features, make them less vulnerable and prevent them from being outdated.
When was the last time you did this for you?
say No to Surviving and YES to Thriving, this is your personal invite to my program. 

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Choose a Session

March Start:
Group A: March 14th – March 28th – April 11th @ noon Mountain Time
Group B: March 16th – March 30th – April 13th @ noon Mountain Time

April Start:
Group C: April 11th – April 25th – May 9th @ 4 PM Mountain Time
Group D: April 13th – April 27th – May 11th @ 4 PM Mountain Time

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Why Barbara Wittmann?

I believe in a better world and in challenging the status quo with strong convictions and great intuition. I believe in leading by example and giving others permission to do the same. 

CIO & Tech Leader Advisor

~ SAP Innovator
~ built Million $ Past Companies
~ Only All~Women IT Company in Germany
~ Award Winning Author: Meetings in Moccasins: Leadership with Wisdom and Maturity

A Maverick

Barbara has a stellar history of taking the path less traveled. Creating her own category as part of a Tandem Mountain Bike Race team, her ingenuity & innovation proved to be more scientifically efficient! How is YOUR team working together?

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